Are you a good person?

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children… Proverbs 13:22

Are you on pace? Are you on pace to leave an inheritance to your grand kids? How does that work if you are not rich now? At some point someone has to be the catalyst to make that change. Did you know that 80% of millionaires in this country are first generation millionaires? In other words 80% of the millionaires made their money via hard work in their life time. In one generation they have changed their family tree. If the next generation learns the financial skill that allowed their parents to become millionaires then that inheritance continues to grow. It grows until one day your grandchildren are born into parents that are already millionaires.

How does that happen unless it begins with you today? We must make the change. We must look in the mirror and say, “today I begin to change my family tree.”

The first step towards become a millionaire is surrender all your plans to God. Trust that He can lead you.

Second step is do all in your power to get out of debt. Debt is robbing you of your inheritance. The longer you are in debt the more it affects you spiritually. It can be done. Millions of people have gotten out of debt following the plan listed here.

May God bless your efforts to leave your grandchildren an inheritance.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask here. Take charge of your money!

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Gio Marin

P.S. Day 329 please pray for the 7.2 million goal for 2020


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