Baby Step 2

Updated: Feb 14

On Friday we spoke about baby step 1 & 3 dealing with emergency fund savings. Today we will talk about baby step 2 which is eliminating debt (except the mortgage covered in baby step 6). There are several approaches to take but I prefer to pay down my debts smallest to largest, regardless of interest rate. Here is the reasoning behind that philosophy. Paying off debt is hard and we need progress to keep us motivated. By paying off the smallest one first it will give you something to celebrate, it will be progress. The momentum from paying off debts will give you the stamina to finish off the biggest ones. Then you tackle the next one and so on.

Between the picture in the post and this article debt snowball method, you will understand more of what I am briefly speaking about. This is how I paid off my debts prior to marriage, and how I paid off my debt once married. Debt can be paid off, you can do this.

Baby step 4

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