Can you Bear it?

It’s official—we are in a bear market! A bear market is typically characterized by a stock market that has fallen at least 20% from its previous high. We definitely have done that. The question is, can you bear it? If you can remain calm, the answer is yes.

The bull market we were just enjoying lasted nearly an unprecedented 11 years. That was an awesome run! We usually don’t have 11-year runs like that. In fact the average bull market lasts about 4.5 years. So 11 years was nice. Naturally your next question is how long does a bear market last? It typically lasts about 14 months. So now how do you feel about this current bear market, knowing that it will probably last only about 14 months?

You can look at it two ways. You can lament that your funds have dropped, or you can take advantage and shop. I look at it this way. I will continue to buy my allotment of shares twice a month. Slow and steady like we discussed in yesterday’s post. You can read it here, Fools Errand.

We tend to be visual people, and they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So pay close attention to the picture in this post. The green represents bull markets, the red means bear markets. If I would sell now during the bear market, I would miss out on the green that is sure to come at some point. Remember, that’s typically a 14 month wait. In the mean time I’ll be shopping twice a month, taking advantage of low stock prices.

Look, I don’t like my money dropping like this—no one does. However, it is what it is. Don’t compound what is happening with bad decisions. I know I won’t. Therefore, in the mean time I’ll dream of the next bull market.

For those that are people of faith—trust God! He owns it all. You have done your part—He will take care of the rest.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask here. Take charge of your money!

Your biggest cheerleader on social media,

Gio Marin

P.S. Day 294 please pray for the 7.2 million goal for 2020


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