Family betrayal!

Updated: Feb 5

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Timothy 5:8 NAS95)

Ouch! How do you feel about the verse above? Think of the practical application of this verse for life today. I have known of too many families who’s financial priorities are not healthy. I can recall a family in which the father was constantly gambling. This habit left the family short on rent several times. It also lead the wife to hide money from her husband to keep him from gambling. This type of issue affects more than finances as in this couple it eroded her trust for her husband. Love is built on a foundation of trust.

When a person is open about their finances with their partner it enhances the trust in the relationship. Not only does it build financial intimacy it builds relational intimacy. Even if you are single this verse applies. How faithful are you if you are not planning to get out of debt or planing for your retirement? Now add children to the mix. I have seen and read stories of parents who neglect their children in order to live the financial life they “think” they deserve. They have the latest “toys” but the kids don’t have basic necessities. Kids who’s clothe are a tad short or look old but the parents have top notch stuff. It is sad how money destroys the judgment of others when money is not put in its proper place.

We are to manage our money for a noble purpose like providing properly for your family. We cannot let money manage us, its unbiblical! It is worse than unbiblical the verse claims that not to provide for you family is a denial of the faith. In fact it makes you worse than an unbeliever!

My wife and I strive to make sure our financial house is in order. That our retirement is funded and the kids are taken care for. We have open and honest conversations with each other and our oldest about finances. We budget together, we plan together, we dream together. We teach our kids about finances together. We have even prepared for our death together because we love our family.

I know you love your family and that love must include proper financial planing. God bless you in your efforts to take care of your own household.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask here. Take charge of your money!

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Gio Marin

P.S. Day 331 please pray for the 7.2 million goal for 2020


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