Leadership, Money and Viruses.

Part of being a leader is making decisions others don’t want to make or don’t think it is necessary to make. Those tough decisions became even harder when money is involved. After all, money matters. It matters to an individual, it matters to a family, it matters to a nation. That is why I want to commend the sports world for forfeiting millions, perhaps billions of dollars, to try to contain the Covid-19 virus.

We don’t know the motives for this, but I know that putting the importance of people over money has saved lives—lives of people we know and love. I am proud of them for that.

My denomination throughout the United States is also making the same sort of decisions. Why? Because the gospel is about people and not money. It is not about concerns over reduced tithe and offering at this time, but about protecting the least of these. The elderly among us are extremely susceptible to this virus. My mother-in-law particularly has diminished lung capacity. I would hate for her to get this virus. We all have aging parents or elderly folk we love, let’s get ahead of this virus for them. That is why social distancing works. It helps spread out the concentration of this virus so it doesn’t overwhelm our hospital systems.

What would you think of a company or a church that would value money over the people? What if that company or church had a big debt? Would that debt excuse them in putting money over people? Nope! That is why I want to commend the leadership in my church for doing the right thing here in Houston. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the lives of the least of these.

I am encouraged by the quote that follows. Some of our members may consider these guidelines extreme, but we take cautious guidance from Ellen G. White:

“God will not work a miracle to keep those from sickness who have no care for themselves, but are continually violating the laws of health and make no efforts to prevent disease. When we do all we can on our part to have health, then may we expect that the blessed results will follow, and we can ask God in faith to bless our efforts for the preservation 0of health.” (Councils on Health, p. 59)

As a leader you will always find people on both sides of any issue, and there will always be some will not like what you do. That is why doing the right thing by God is the correct thing to do. God alone is the one to whom we answer.

If this virus becomes nothing in Houston, the naysayers will have their day. It doesn’t mean we didn’t do the right thing. If we don’t do anything then they would say we failed to act. Either way, I would rather be safe than sorry. Let us always choose lives over dollars!

Stay safe my friends.

In Christ,

Gio Marin.


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