Love Your Family even in Death!

Do you love your family? Do you love you family enough to prepare for your death?

“Wills should be made in a manner to stand the test of law… Death will not come one day sooner, brethren, because you have made your will.” Elle G. White

If you don’t have one already you need one. You need it now! Do it! You don’t want what happens to your family in the hands of the government. Read this: What happens if you die without a will?

A will would let you decided who gets your money, property, investments. A will would let you decide who gets the proceeds of the life insurance you just go based on the previous post. 😉 You don’t want the government to handle that.

Another important aspect is you get to decide who gets custody of your kids should you and your spouse should die together. You don’t want your kids to go to a relative you don’t prefer or worse foster care until the court decides. This is your responsibility as parents.

Another thing you should have is power of attorney for health and financial decisions in the event you can no longer mentally think for yourself but are still alive. My wife and I have this all set up. I have directed that she can pull the plug after two weeks. She reminds me that she’s the doctor and will make that decision. However, I chose two weeks because I don’t want anyone thinking she pulled the plug soon for insurances purposes. Death of a family member is an emotional process. Let us make those decisions now while we are in a good frame of mind and alive.

I love my family enough to plan for my death. The plan primarily consist of trust in Jesus. Proper financial planning. Enough life insurance and having a will.

If you belong to my denomination your conference can do a will for you with no upfront cost. All they ask is that you leave the church something when you die. They only get that after your family is cared for.

If you aren’t for our denomination check this article out to prepare a low cost will. Read: How to make a will.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask here. Take charge of your money!

Your biggest cheerleader on the web,

Gio Marin

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