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Updated: Feb 9

Imagine driving on a cross country trip of a lifetime. What places would you visit? Would you be called to the bright lights of our biggest cities? What about the slow paced beauties of our national parks? Imagine driving over 3000 thousand miles without a road map. Can it be done? Yes it can. Would it be the most efficient? No! It is the same way navigating your financial life with a road map. That road map is called a budget.

“A budget is telling your money what to do instead of wondering where it went.” John Maxwell

How do you feel when you hear the word budget? Does it make you cringe? Most people that do have a budget make one and never look it at it again 😂. Whats the point in that? A budget should be a breathing living thing. My wife and I have such a budget, it is called a zero based budget. We tell every dollar what to do and when to do it. Money makes a wonderful worker but a terrible boss.

“You will either learn to manage money, or the lack of it will manage you.” Dave Ramsey

The only budget I recommend is a zero based budget. You can learn more about it here.

“Many, very many, have not so educated themselves that they can keep their expenditures within the limit of their income. They do not learn to adapt themselves to circumstances, and they borrow and borrow again and again and become overwhelmed in debt, and consequently they become discouraged and disheartened.” {AH 374.2}

“All should learn how to keep accounts. Some neglect this work as nonessential, but this is wrong. All expenses should be accurately stated.” {AH 374.4}

We’ll talk more about a budget tomorrow until then read the article and get yourself a “road map” for your finances. Read the Road Map Part II

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask here. Take charge of your money!

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